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Infinity Blossoms Sunshine Yellow

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Infinity Blossoms Sunshine Yellow




Everybody loves flowers, and if you were to ask anybody on the streets, most people would say they have, at some point, bought flowers for someone in their lives. Maybe it was to celebrate the birth of someone important, or maybe for a birthday, anniversary, or a Valentine’s Day gift.
So what about you? Where do you stand? We’re sure you have done this, too: You have gone to your local florist to purchase a new batch of roses…for somebody else.


Why wouldn’t you consider, though, buying flowers for yourself?

Many people see this as a splurge, or a luxury they can’t afford. And we sure agree that buying flowers to celebrate one of your achievements in life may be expensive in the long term, since flowers last so little…

But what if there was a way to celebrate yourself, and surround yourself with joy at all times… With a batch of roses that last up to 3 years in your home?


Surrounding yourself with flowers actually means experiencing health benefits! So go ahead and gift yourself the pleasure of seeing amazing, beautiful rosebuds whenever you glance around… And increase your wellbeing while cheering for yourself!


  1. INCREASE YOUR ENERGY. The simple act of being around nature gives people an energy boost, and having our roses in your house has the same effect! The natural beauty our rosebuds color your life with will add a pop of personality and vitality to your homely environment, adding that touch of liveliness you need to face every day!
  2. A NATURAL MOOD BOOSTER. Our roses are designed to make you happier just by being around them. Having them near in your house (or why not, even in your office!) will let you experience a positive energy that will leave you feeling secure and happy at all times!
  3. LONG-LASTING TO MAKE IT WORTH IT. Ever received some flowers, watered them down every day…Just to see them whilter after a few days? Well, with our roses, you can say goodbye to this problem once and for all. Our flowers are preserved to last 1 to 3 years, so that you can enjoy them for a while!
  4. ACCELERATED HEALING. Due to their stimulations, flowers help accelerate the time required for healing your wounds…Physical and psychological alike! The presence of our roses in your home can deliver the benefits of reducing stress levels, while at the same time significantly boosting the energy of your body. They will move away the focus from pain and discomfort, and bring happiness and calmness to your mind whenever you glance at them!
  5. DIFFERENT SIZES, FOR DIFFERENT NEEDS. We have thought about you while setting up our flower boxes…And this is exactly why we came up with 2 sizes to suit your needs! Whether you need to celebrate an achievement with 4 roses, or gift yourself with a bouquet of 12.
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