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Infinity Perfume

Infinity Perfume


Real roses, naturally preserved to last for years.

You can create your perfect arrangement by choosing colour and size.

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Infinity Perfume is the first perfume for stabilised and preserved flowers. With only a few drops of our perfume you have your Infinity Blossoms smelling fresh and like a garden rose once again! Bring your garden into your front room.

One 15ml bottle contains up to 400 drops, each little scent lasting up to 15 months before the need of a top up.

Our Preserved Roses perfume is the only one developed to not degrade the texture or colour of our flowers.

Our perfume can also be used in perfume diffuser or on any neutral ceramics, though we think they smell best on our roses!

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 35 cm

Baby Pink, Hot Pink, Pearl White, Perfect Peach, Pink Bride, Pink Champagne, Pure White, Rainbow, Royal Red, Sunshine Yellow, Vibrant Red


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